Ejemplo de proyecto PRINCE2


Autor: Frank Turley y Nader K. Rad

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The most common question we receive when giving PRINCE2® training is: “Can we see an example of a fully documented PRINCE2 project?”. This sample project will now answer this question.

How this sample PRINCE2 project can help you:

  • Show how each PRINCE2 management document is used
  • Show the relationship between the management documents
  • Provides comments to give some background information.
  • Provide a reference when creating management documents for your own project
  • Helps to create your own sample PRINCE2 project using the same layout (we have already assisted some companies in doing this. Its a great way to share current knowledge and best practices with Project Managers)

Project Scenario vs. number of sample PRINCE2 documents 

  • This sample project has a very simple project scenario to make it as easy possible to understand
  • The main focus is to show how you can use all PRINCE2 management documents
  • In reality, a simple project like this would have 80% less documentation


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